Sunday, January 31, 2016

2285 : In the company of dead poets

Koi Chara nahin by Hafeez Jalandhari - as I read and listen to this poem, I realise what binds the dying poet in me to Hafeez is more about a shared common experience, than our love for words. 
The metaphors in this song are telling.

Koi chara nahi dua ke siwa , koi sunta nahi khuda ke siwa
( I came to a point, where there was no other solace than hope and prayer, I felt no one could understand me anymore other than my own God)

Mujhse kya ho saka wafa ke siwa , mujhe milta bhi kya saza ke siwa
( What could I have offered you, my sweetheart, other than my unruffled loyalty, and what could I have gotten in return, but for unequivocal penance and punishment.)

bar sar-e-saahil-e-muqaam yahan,kaun ubhra hai nakhuda ke siwa
(when I reached that final step along the shores of my life, the only person who kept me company was the dignified boatman)

dil sabhi kuch zubaan par laaya ,ek faqat arz-e-muddat ke siwa
( My honest heart could surface every single one of my emotions onto my tongue, but for that one sentence in which I confessed my undying love for you.)

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