Thursday, January 07, 2016

2283 : The binds that set you free

“I have written something about you”, she said with a croaky lisp.

“About me, or for me?"

“About you.”

“Great can I read it please ?”

“No. Not possible.”

“....and....?? that's strange of you, is it not ? Thén why tell me about it.”

“I wanted to be honest. Hence mentioned it.”

“Holy mother of a tottering crankshaft, that's effing convoluted. You write something. About me. Don't want me to read it. But you want to be honest. So you tell me about it.”
He added with a grin, “found a few marbles yday. Wondered who they belonged to. I can now at least guess.”

“If you ever decide to walk away, I shall send it to you. Till then, it's wrapped around my finger."

She whistled as she let her ring finger gleam with its plain elegant nakedness....and then with a posse wasp added, “That way I have simultaneously, both handcuffed and .......set you scot free. Go figure.” Shé came up, pecked on the forehead and walked away.

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