Sunday, December 13, 2015

2264 : Karthika Nair and her book Until the Lions

I have always wanted to write a poetic interpretation of Mahabharata, and one day I will.

Till then, I was pleasantly surprised to read Karthika Nair's Until the Lions.

Truth be told - I am a big fan of anyone with clarity and a sense of purpose. And she has oodles of it. She really has.

What I struggled with is sometimes her abstruse use of words and metaphors.

Poets, can be understood by reading their works. And hence they are essentially naked. If I were to apply that yardstick to her, at points she comes across as wannabe.

And yet, and not to take away from her real coup de grace, she is brilliant, full of purpose and outstanding. At times her poems and imagery are brutal. Miss Nair, take a heartfelt bow.

From her book a sample which I really liked

Before a battle,
grow inwards, like root and rock:
shred eyes, ears; shred words.
Let us speak, your skin to mine.
Touch alone scores memory.

Touch alone will survive

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