Sunday, December 13, 2015

2263 : One more on Smita

I have often wondered, what does it take for people of entitlement (folks who are born into riches, or wealth, or access to right resources) to not achieve what they want to.

And yet, I often find that children of entitlement usually don't achieve much (even as compared to the median), forget even comparing them to their parents or achievers in the family.

Smita was an entitled child by every measure. And she could choose whatever she wanted to. She was also of modest looks and gait.

And she did make choices. Strange ones. But every single one of them made her real, alive, one amongst us and a standout amongst us humans.

She acted. She acted in strange movies. She did strange roles. She never apologized for her looks. She married whom she wanted to. She lived her life. She had a kid. She died she was too old to live. She made a mark.

Take a bow again Smita. RIP.

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