Saturday, October 03, 2015

2253 : Personal greatness

Picture this.

I am on the NY transit one evening around 7pm returning back from work. 

The train is packed, so I end up standing holding onto the rail. As I bend down, my eyes catch this girl, white girl, she is no more than 20-21.

Guess what she is doing sitting on the seat of the metro?

wild guess?

she is practicing for a broadway play (I figured from the script in her was just a guess). She has the script in her hand. She was reading and then enacting with her eyes closed, she was still saying the dialogues with her mouth and lips moving, but no sound.

everyone around was ok about it.

I....I was mesmerized by this.

I will proud if one day, I can be so passionate about an art, or more so, if I can pass values to my kids that encourage them to follow their dreams.

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