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2249 : Movie "Ugly" "Papa Song" lyrics and english translation

This is about a song called "Papa" from the movie "Ugly" directed by Anurag Kashyap, sung by Shilpa Rao, and lyrics by Gaurav Solanki. The music is by GV Prakash Kumar.

I will make a hackeyned attempt to translate this song for you. Here goes.

Kya wahaan din hai abhi bhi..
Papa tum rehte jahaan ho…

Is it still a bright and sunny day, 
(I am sure it is) Papa in the land that you are marooned on....
(Remember this is a girl who is lost singing out to her papa, so in reality its she who is marooned)

Aus ban ke main giroongi..
Dekhna tum aasmaan ho…

I will dribble down like those heavy dew drops,
(Papa) dont you forget to notice me, given that you are my sky...

Tin ke toote kanastar..
Se zara boondi churaakar…

(From the) Broken tin trays,
I am stealing remanants of sweetballs
(Usually the sweet shops do keep sweets in tin trays, this is a reference to that)

Bhaagti hai koyi ladki..
Kya tumhe ab bhi chidhakar…

The girl still runs on(post the stealing)
Teasing you, taunting you, as she always would...

Farsh ab bhi thaam ungli..
Saath chalta hai kyun papa…

As I crawl on the floor on my fours, 
I find my papa still walking with me...surprising!!

Bhaag ke dekho re aagan..
Bhi machalta hai kya papa….

And then I tried doing a dash in the garden,
And I found my nervous papa still following me...surprising again !!

Aag ki bhi chaanw hai kya..
Cheentiyon ke gaon hai kya…

Do parts of the angry fire contain a peaceful shaded zone,
Do the army of ants belong to one particular village?
(Obviously a construct to make chaanw and gaon rhyme...but both metaphors are so strong)

Jis kuye mein hum gire hai..
Us kuye mein naav hai kya…

In this particular well I am drowning, I am marooned,
(Papa do you know) Does this well have a safety boat, something anything that I can latch onto?

Kya tumhe kehta hai koyi..
Ke chalo ab khaa bhi lo…

Papa is there someone still who is telling and chasing, 
Come on, have your meal, take a bite 

Dibbiyon mein dhoop bhar kar..
Koyi ghar laata hai kya…

Who (ever) fills the sunlight into tiffin boxes, (ridiculous na?)
and then (also labours to ) get these boxes home?

Chimniyon ke is dhuyein..
Mein mere do khargosh the…

In the wanderlust of the smoke arising of the chimney,
I had two of my pet rabbits
(Reference to the shapes we all make out in smoke, and eerily I always have visualised rabbits in the smoke too!!)

Ve kabhi aawaz de toh..
Koyi sun paata hai kya…

(If these rabbits) ever made a real sound,
Would any of us ever hear them?

Gintiyaan sab laakh mein hai..
Haath lekin raakh mein hai…

Here all the numbers and counting are in millions,
(Fools - cant they see?) their hands are all immersed in ashes...
(Million is a reference to money)

Chaand ab bhi gol hai kya..
Jashn ab bhi dhol hai kya…

Is the moon still a round shiny happy place,
Are the sounds of happiness in harmony with the sound of drums and music?

Pee rahe hain sharbatein kya..
Kya wahaan sab hosh mein hai…

What nectat are all of you drinking,
Are you all still in your right senses?

Ya ki maathe see rahe hai..
Do minute afsos mein hai…..

Or are all of you brow beaten, with nervous wrinkles in your forheads,
Silently praying and mourning for the loss (that you still dont know of)?

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