Monday, August 17, 2015

2244 : Find the poet

He caught her off guard and said "Hey, you want to listen to my latest piece."

"Sure fker, you are my Pablo, go on :-)", she said with a facetious smile.

He ignored the dig, and fished out a sheet of paper. He still liked writing on paper with a fountain pen.


"Yes. Go on, vomit your master piece."

As he began reading the poem, she closed her eyes and was steady and still. She always did that, both while listening to songs (she liked) and his poems. When asked, she would say "I like your voice, I like your baritone, and I don't want other senses to corrupt my experience."

As he continued for the few remaining seconds, she nodded at points, as if she agreed with the line/word, and at other times, her forehead grimaced.

At the end he asked "What do you think?"

"You know why I like listening to your poems? I get to know you better. There is a shared intimacy in these poems. I want to know you better. Your poems help me find the you." she answered orthogonally.

He stared hard at her and then at the floor, and then added wistfully...."I want you to listen well too. Though not as a promissory vehicle to find me. I want you to find the you in there. You are within me. You are me. Go, find yourself."

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