Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2239 : The boat that capsized the river

As she took the steps into the boat, the old boatman helped her onboard. She was in the town after many years. This had been her playground. This river knew all her early stories, her secrets were fashioned here.

She remembered seeing the boatman as a youngster, but did not believe he would remember her. As he had helped her onboard, he had smiled genially at her, and she could not guess if this was because he had recognized her, or because he was just being the kind soul that this river had transformed him into.

She sat facing him, alone. On this old ragged wooden boat, she looked like a lone princess out on a war.

She looked periodically into the water, all along the shore, and sometimes at the base of the boat. She rarely allowed her eyes to gaze onto the boatman.

Minutes had passed and as she was staring deep into the city that lined its shores, the boatman abruptly said "If he is not right for you, remember you still chose him. You have to be okay with the consequences of your actions."

She looked up, broken from her reverie. She was unsure he had spoken to her.

"You chose him right?".

"What are you talking about?"

"About you. Are you not thinking about him?"


"The one you chose, him."

She said indignantly, "How do you know anything about me?".

"I don't know anything at all. You are staring into the river and the water is reflecting your soul off. I can read off the reflection. I learned this early when I was a teenager. My father taught me."

"Really, are you serious?"

He ignored that question, and added "What about him bothers you?"

"I am driving him onto the road to hell."

"And he? Does he drive you mad too?"

"Yes, he is cramping my space."

"And what about this other Him? Does He give you the peace you need?"

She appeared jostled, disturbed, as if her inner sanctum had been violated. "How do you know that?"

"The river tells me that again. You are being forced to choose between a life that your planets chose, and a life that the stars divined."

"Between the planets and stars, who shall win?"

"The planets are currently drowning. As I am rowing, the oars are cutting across the water surface. With every cut, the very depression which is being created, that is gobbling up the planets one inch by one inch."

"And the stars?"

"Every tear into your eye, is catching the light. That is birthing the stars. The wind is giving life to the stars, blowing them off your eyes into the river. The river is loving the stars, they are its foster children."

"That is poetic.", she said and she braved a tiny smile.

"No its not poetry. Its true. I am 71, and I know this river like I know my mother's bosom. She can quite literally eat up planets and birth stars." He added with a smile, "We already know - She can also reflect the soul."

Her brave tiny smile continued, and she asked "So, between Him and him - who shall win?"

He looked at her and told her "Neither." and with a long pause added "You will win."


"Yes. As long as you not blind. One day He shall come calling, embrace Him for what the greatness He brings out within you. And on the day he shall dial out, cremate his memories."

"What if He never comes calling?"

"He will. The river tells me He will. Just make sure you make Him smile. He needs to feel that."

"And what if I cant cremate the 'him'? What if his bones refuse to die?"

"If he is stubborn, and his bones refuse to succumb to the embers....get his remains to me. I will offer him to my mother, her water will drown him."

"And I?"

"You will live. You will live because life emerges out of you. You dont know this, but He was born out of the very you. You dont remember, but you implicitly chose Him when he was in your womb. Remember you are the only one who can make Him laugh. Knowing that secret, He can never make you cry."

And then with a pause the boatman added " I have rowed through this river for the last 65 years. Its taken me my lifetime to know a simple secret - its the river that is constantly moving. The boat and me, I am rowing to just stay still. You are the river's daughter. Keep moving, let the world of Him and him row just to keep up with you. "

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