Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2238 : Have you ever seen the rain?

Picture this.
I am at Malad today driving at around 4, and its pouring as if the heavens had a leaky shower. Visibility is low and all cars are driving very slow with the "hazard" light on.

As I am driving and reaching the inorbit signal....the road is completely devoid of 2 wheelers and individuals...its just cars.

And in my slow pace (probably less than 20km) I see this tall girl (really tall by Indian median standards, she should be around 6ft) walk past.

She is wearing blue pair of jeans, a black short sleeved t-shirt and has long flowing hair. She is walking across without an umbrella, and the effect she has is magical at least on me (and not really because she is stunning).....but because she is such an unexpected aberration. She is almost surreal. Walking past without any protection, drenched in this really pouring rain, totally oblivious to us and the whole world. She just seemed focus on her life as she walked past. Almost like a buddha in the modern world.

What gives some people such a level of un-self-conscious-ness....almost a sense of being so sure of themselves that it makes others pause and wonder....like it made me wonder, do we even need umbrellas? Why?

This was beauty. This is greatness. She had shown that to me, to anyone else who could see.

The world never ceases to show me a door when I am most desolate. Thank you uncle universe.

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