Saturday, August 08, 2015

2236 : 3 is my lucky number

Picture this.

We are at the Delhi airport T3 terminal. With a group of colleagues, we enter Guardian to buy medicines.

As we pick up necessary supplies and stand in the queue, the person ahead of us is having this conversation.

"Don't have a pack of 3 kya?".

We look and we figure he is angling for a pack of condoms. The clerk looks at him straight in the eye and says "Sir, I only have a 10 pack in Durex."

"Any other brand, any other flavor, do you have 3 in any of that?".

"No sir, I have only pack of 10s."

"Ok. Thanks", he said that walked out of the shop.

We start our billing, and as we are proceeding, about 40 seconds later, the same client walks in again and approaches the clerk who is billing for us, "Please check na, are you sure you have no 3 packs at all?"

"No sir, I am really sure, I dont have a 3 pack in any brand."

The guy is sullen and walks out dejected.

Coming out of the shop, us colleagues, had a good laugh about this fixation with 3. But seriously I did ponder quite a bit later, for someone who is desperate enough to pick up a pack of condoms at the airport, why would you want to buy only 3, and not 10. Think, this is a bit a like a Zen Koan, I really cant explain it, no matter how hard I think about it. Nothing seems to add up. Definitely cant be the cost, or any other mundane operational matter.

So what was it? Would you have such a request? Can you rationalize this? Write to me if you can. Truly a lateral puzzle.

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