Friday, August 07, 2015

2233 : The fire eater

She was grinning cheek to cheek, as if she had just goofily walked into a potluck. He noticed and asked her, "Whats with that edge to the edge brimming pearlies?. Lost your marbles kya?".

She looked at him, and with a very serious look, said "I have eaten fire today.". With that she paused.

"And?" he asked.

"It tastes like life. It feels like exactly the taste that I have always wanted, but I have always missed."

"How do you eat fire?"

"You can eat fire. You drop your tongue into fire and let it roll around. Roll the heat onto yourself. The fire will either singe your soul, or it shall be dimmed by your saliva."

"And in your case it?"

"Singed my soul. Felt great, my soul flew off a wing and a prayer."

"Really? I have never tasted fire, I have drank a few flamers and that the closest I have ever come to eating fire, if that is possible at all."

"Let me tell you a secret. Like cold water on a winter morning, after the first 10 seconds the body gets used to the shower....just like that, once you taste fire for a few seconds, you want to flirt with a little more. A slow growing obsession. Its very compelling."


"Yes. I mean it. Fire eating is - actually at - The edge of reason. The wedge of treason. The ledge of the season."

With that she goofily smiled again and walked away chirpily. Leaving him to sort out the metaphor.

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