Friday, July 31, 2015

2232 : Prayer for the living

He was greeted by a very morose her. He nudged and asked her, "whats up, no action kya?" with a twinkle in his eye, "or terrible action", and now he had a sardonic grin.

She did not pick that gamibt, as she would have usually have done. She looked up, and yet did not make eye contact. She said with a seriousness, that was unusual in her air, "I am in mourning."

"Really?", he adjusted his tone to match the gravity of her pronouncement. "What happened?".


"Are parents ok? Friend? Who?"


"Where? Here or Goa?"



"Family. More than one. Deaths not death."

"What happened? Did you go and meet them? Can I drive you?"

"I can't go and meet them. But I loved them like they were part of me, and they were indeed within me. They will remain within me all throughout."

"Looks like you were very close to them. Why cant you go? Family politics kya?"


"Then?. You tho said here in Mumbai, then why cant you drive there?"


"Then? What?"

After a long wistful pause, she said "I am solely responsible for their death, and hence I cannot go to meet them. In a crime of violence, I brutally murdered them all yesterday night. I can't face their living residues now. Can never again see them in the eye."

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