Friday, July 31, 2015

2230 : Indian express

I liked this brave new ad from Indian Express about its own brand. Lovely.  Typed below for your benefit.

Does news always
have to be breaking?

When a child falls into an uncovered borewell, 
it can't be breaking news. Its heart breaking news.

When a nation of a billion people fails to 
bring back a single gold medal from the Olympic Games, 
it's disappointing news.

When a developing country put a spacecraft in the Martian orbit, 
it's hopeful news.

A newspaper is about pursuing news.
Getting to the bottom of if. Making sense of it.

It is about answering every question. Questioning every answer.
And, having it served as the breakfast as infuriating news, 
moving news, eye-opening news, reassuring news, or shaking news.

Its never just about breaking news.
Its about breaking news down.

Brilliant copy.

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