Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2225 : 7 parts of desire and the 40 thieves

I don't have too many material desires left in this world. As in if I probably made 200k USD I would not know what to do with it. Except....of course....I would buy a Beemer.

Today as I was reaching work, my eyes catch this beige Beemer, which I know is a 7 series, but looks unusual. I slow down, allow the car to overtake me. Its a brand new BMW, and its a 7 series (thank heavens, I know my patterns) and bloody it is a 740Ld (a  model that I did not even know is launched in India).

I paused, almost catcalled (whistled), almost sighed and soaked the sight in. The car looks like a feline out on a hunt.

Its something I want to drive before I die. I know I probably will never own one, but I definitely want to drive it once. 750Ld even better :-) (Add this to the list with Ferrari 458, CLA 45 AMG....sigh!!).

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