Friday, April 24, 2015

2185 : Fresh prince and the rawness of the mango

The human brain for all its worth, is a chemical craving junkie...when you meet someone new and the oxytoxins are released..... the brain goes on a high.

This does not have to be a girl (for a straight boy like me), it could be a dog (assuming you like dogs like I do).

Newness is a drug, and your brain craves for it incessantly. In the modern world that forces us to replace our obsession with humans (and things alive like art and animals) to gadgets and materialism...

So the fix in this modern jungle is easier...much easier to buy a new phone than make a new friend...right...?

Get the drift?

A brain on dope - and a new friend in your life will suck away your mental time, your physical energy and your focus...but there is a good reason for it. Your brain craves for the fix.

Is this fix bad? No...nothing that ever makes you happy (including masturbation that has lost its charm ;-)) can ever be bad....if you can afford it, screw with your hand....


Here is what we can do....everytime we go down this path...this asphyxiated fix (nice subtle alliteration na!!)....the junkie's grail if I might say so...if we invest a little more...this fix can be truly a lifelong rewarding journey. Pray how?

So....imagine this.

You pick up a new camera because everyone and his aunt (I wanted to use a rhyming word with C, but resisted) has a mirrorless lens camera now-a-days (I still use the classical SLR...) fidget around for a few days, your brain has distinct highs...and as your brain wears out, you give up and walk over to the next new fix. Sound like a familiar hero's tale....

Instead stay with it for a few more days... Once you begin to see the camera enough, you will see beyond the beauty of the magnesium weather sealed body and the silver will realise its essentially an eye, one that is focussed on telling a story...and another round of freshness begins...before soon though another plateau hits....and then you almost give up again...but persist.....and you soon again....shall see the beauty of still life in the world around you via your camera.....and so on....

Get the drift....the game is still the same....the biggest player in town is still is your ravenous brain sucking at the fix...the biggest draw is still the PYT arm candy :-)....but play this long enough...and live long rewards can pop out....

As every layer peels with your camera, or with your new best friend...or with your booty infused PYT  :-), as a human being, you are also seeing the universe better. One inch at a time you are moving towards nirvana...seriously....if this cannot explain it to you, nothing ever will.... time you meet someone in a flight...and your hormones go raging...let it...because thats the bloody crying game, so play hard at the movie....but once you exchange numbers...persist with it......over years.....the next levels of the game will emerge and one day you will hopefully see the truth.

You will also hopefully see that falling in love is never really that hard on the knees :-). Chewing on a raw mango helps arthritis though :-)

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