Monday, April 20, 2015

2181 : Whiplash

As of yesterday, the only place I could still catch movies was on a flight. I seemed to have entirely lost my ability to be moved by moving images (strange and disappointing coming from a photographer right?).

My own inner sense of devolvement seems completed its course, on this long plane trip. Riding yesterday, I realized that my drive to see a movie has completely disappeared.

So on a 18 hr haul, I managed to catch a single movie - and it was worth the 2 hrs I spent on it. (The remaining 16 - 9 working, 7 sleeping).....

The movie is Whiplash, and it focusses on the journey of a young drum prodigy finding his own personal greatness in Jazz land. Not only did I find it supremely inspirational, but it reminded of my lost quest....

For years I have been obsessed with the definition (and hence pursuit) of personal greatness. When I look back at my last 24-36 months, I do realize that I have completely lost the plot and pursuit.

A story like this is an amazing reminder, that nothing matters but “greatness”, however your choose to define it in the confines of your head. Personal "greatness" is worth every price you can conjure, as long the greatness matters to "you".

This movie should go into our DVD collections.

Terence Fletcher as the maniacal and crazed teacher is sheer brilliance (a role played by JK Simmons). Its a character which will haunt you for years.

On my own journey - yes, I will recoup and get back on track on the ride soon. Here I come again..the lost puppy me :-)

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