Sunday, April 12, 2015

2174 : Game of inches

How do you fall in love? Remember that slow build up of tingling.
How do you fall out of love? The crawly creep of bitterness.
How do you win in a battle? The awkward climb towards the top of the hill.
How do you lose a battle? The steady deterioration.
How do you curse a enemy? Voodoo dolls pricked one pin at a time.
How do you bless a friend? A hug and a kiss for every smile.
How do you dance in the wind? Fall three times before you can keep the beat.
How do you still the mind? Fail three times before you can kill the beat.
How do you evolve? One revolutionary staple at a time.
How do you devolve? Every crumbling brick takes the shine of 3 others along the way.
How do you learn to live? One day at a time.
How do you learn to die? Over the life time.

This is indeed a game of inches. I am beginning to realize, that this is what Shakespeare probably meant when he said " a plague on both your houses."

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1 comment:

Aditi said...

What are you? really... A mind reader of your readers? a Poet? a philosopher or just someone creepy who knows exactly what the other person is thinking at a given precise moment....!!
Whatever it is, I am in awe yet again and as usual..! please dont stop writing ever or take a sabbatical.. good to see you back here ... keep at it...!