Sunday, April 05, 2015

2164 : Where did that go?

She saw me sitting with one of my favorite teapot, peeping in, she chirpily exclaimed "its empty?". I lazily corrected "its filled with emptiness.". Hit by that unexpected oblique thought, she shuddered back for an instant. I had won this round so very comfortably :-).

A few moments later, she lovingly picked up the pot, almost sensuously caressing its outer walls. Then with the look of the crazed butcher about to do his job, she focussed menacingly on the ceramic and then in that instant frozen in time (matrix style), she let gravity take over. She let the teapot fly without any wings.

In what seemed like seconds, I saw my favorite pot crash and shudder, go to a million pieces, loudly gasp and eventually whimper and die.

Broken from my lazy reverie, I looked up in complete shock - and she said "Where is the pot now?". Regaining some limited composure, I mustered a weak, "Its gone now. Its dead. The cruel you - you absolutely killed it. Murderer."

She stared icily into my eyes, still no sign of either an apology or a victory, and then waspily said, "and the emptiness it was full of? Where is that now?"

Her curve ball. A perfect strike.

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