Sunday, April 05, 2015

2163 : Buddha as a speed hump

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am surrounded by symbols of The Buddha. For me, he represents not a way of life (definitely not, I disagree with a lot of aspects of Buddhism), not a religion, not a God (I am an atheist!!).....but to me....he is an Ideal. Thats it. A simple real world ideal.

An Ideal of someone who wakes up one random morning and walks away from everything his life has offered him. Only an eternal optimist can do that. Only someone who is very sure that he can come back to all that he gives up, will do that, and only the frail edges of what would be classified as modern day "insanity" - could allow such behavior.

I was talking to someone and she said in all well-intentioned kindness "being surrounded by the symbolism" of Buddha, would lead to my life slowing down (I am assuming this comes from some Feng Shui mumbo jumbo or the ilk). I think she might have meant it as a "warning", am unsure.

Here is how I read that, though, completely polarized from her view point...... I looked around, yes I do live in a land of overwhelming Buddha symbols...and lets say for a moment, I did believe her goodness and it all does slow me down.....Funnily, I am actually worried that I am still very fast. I need to decelerate rapidly else I shall miss the runway.

In conclusion....We are going to need a lot more Buddha(s). Lets double down. Dear friendly Buddha(s), I am coming to get you. I need all the help you can offer. We need to halt this speeding juggernaut.

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