Sunday, April 05, 2015

2162 : Buddha of doom

The Buddha expounded the nature on life and its intricate dependency on the mind which causes a sense of suffering. We have all read this a million times, at least I have.

I have slowly in the past years come to realize, that the more I know, the less I comprehend and paradoxically to put to poetically...the more I know, the less I know.

On an experiential basis, the duality problem posed by our egos, and the nature of life, which sucks you into its warp...With an inch of progress in either direction, both seem more and more inane.

I am no evolved Zen teacher, but I am definitely at that point - when similar to the Buddha - I am looking at "my" kingdom, and most definitely pondering "where does this all lead to?", "what are we chasing?"....essentially a lot of why(s).

Also, I am beginning to realize that breaking the non-duality illusion of a theorem is difficult if not impossible. And trying does not help. Actually letting go helps.

Child. Wife. Job. House. Car. Camera. Mont Blanc. Mother. Father. Shiraz. Tablet. School. Looks. Books. Hooks......and the list continues. Where is happiness? Where is peace?

Something is wrong. I am very nervous of the knowledge I seek.

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