Wednesday, April 01, 2015

2156 : Tomas Transtomer

Its a chilling telling on our world, that when Tomas Transtomer died on 26th March, I almost did not read about it till 29th...and I read quite a bit. I do make it a point to understand and assimilate the world on my terms.

And poetry is the gold nugget in my "terms"....and yet I missed this.

I have read only one of the books, the collected poems, and I have to doff it off the the legend. His metaphors were haunting and the images stark and real....exactly the way I see and percieve my everyday world.

Which brings me to one of my favorite meditation?

What does a poet do?

A poet is a rouge photographer, who instead of working with images, records words. He revels as a raconteur of stories told with a meter or otherwise, of memories which otherwise would be forgotten. He is the cartographer of our life, our social travails and he is also holding a mirror upto long after we have stopped ever looking.

On the death of another poet who made a real difference in my outlook to life, my heart weeps a silent tear.

From his poetry collection "The great engima"....

Death stoops over me. 
I’m a problem in chess. He 
has the solution. 

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