Thursday, June 05, 2014

2131 : Rush

I saw the movie "Rush" again on a flight. For folks who dont know well enough, driving is in my DNA...and I am truly awe inspired by folks like James Hunt, Senna, Prost, Mansell and of course Niki Lauda.

Its not a movie thats completely true to the historical detail, but still paints a pretty good character image of both the leads.

Niki as the focussed as hell winner, and James as the jolly as beer cavalier man.

In one of the last scenes in the movie James is talking to Niki at a plane hangar. Niki tells him that its good to learn flying because "Its good for discipline. You have to stay within the rules, stick with regulations, suppress the ego. It helps with the racing."

And at some point later James admonishes him for taking the fun out of everything (in this example flying)....He says "I tend to enjoy myself first. The sum of life needs to be pleasure. What's the point of having a million of medals, cups and planes if you dont have any fun? And how is that winning?".

I have always been Niki in real life, because I if I try and be like James I shall be insincere to my own DNA.

And yet....when I heard that apocryphal last comment (which is more theatrical than real), it did make me think.

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