Monday, March 31, 2014

2113 : I am an illegal alien

I like to believe (like everyone else) that I am a very simple unassuming human being with not too opulent materialistic needs. But....:-)

Here is where it gets a little tragic comic. Every time I travel I miss the comfort of my home. Of the fantastic lighting (not grand, but engineered to every mood and moment), my unbelievable comfortable bed (which envelops you like a mother to a child...great for the back and the soul), my wired home with music wafting through every corridor (even if it is saree ka fall which is ravaan's current favorite) and the comfort of the kitchen with its ingredients which always help me create an inspired meal in about 30 mins.....

Get the drift....

I miss these everyday little things a little too much, and consequently every travel away from home is little less fun that is used to be.

Does it still make you gawk at me not enjoying stay-away vacations )) I am perennially home sick to be ever happy away from home.

(The only places I don't dislike while travelling are no frills business hotels like club quarters or ginger.....the anonymity of the location...and the convenience of choosing great food outside give me great comfort always.)

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