Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2092 : There is no monopoly of common deprivation

I was talking to someone I recently met and respect. It turns out (and this came across in very different conversations) – 1) he comes from a really poor background 2) he has 4 houses in Bombay and many more across the world 3) he is busy planning for his retirement corpus and children’s education.

Now these 3 came across in unrelated parts of the conversations. Tie them together and you have a pattern….

I am just chronically surprised (if there is such a word) how polarised we are as a generation. Either there is one of us who lives like there is no tomorrow, and the other (like the one above) is who is constantly preparing for “2012 Kingdom Come” – the end of the Mayans of whatever that is…..

I do like the person I spoke to, but I cant help wonder……how much he is trying to make his life predictable and free of uncertainty.

And life like cricket (oh my God!!!, No, not that phooking analogy!!) is a game of glorious uncertainties (ha ha ha!! I have fallen from my chair).

Seriously, I have seen my life gone awry twice already (and really I think I have had it very easy!!). I dont rule out another massive upheaval in my life in the future….one that is more disruptive.

If you are need for a rainy day fund runs into 5 million dollars, you relly have a situation on your hand. My rainy day fund is zero. If ever I do come onto a situation wherein I have nothing – I shall either turn into a cook, or a driver or an editor – the only 3 real life skills I have.

Till then I twiddle and count my blessings. Also learning carpentry for that same rainy day.

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