Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2090 : The art of reductionism

Maybe its just me, but I am definitely very bothered by some reductionist views of the world around me.

Case in point, is this Bhagvad Gita lecture which is being organized for kids in my complex. This is twice a week, almost like a school.

Some senior scholar on Gita comes in and pontificates.

Don’t get me wrong – I respect and like the Gita. Its a fantastic book of work to hurl you into severe introspection, its also a great guidebook if you understand it in its context and era.

Now how do you reduce this to be palatable to young kids. Its one thing to tell them the Ramayana or Mahabharata (and through them teach them morals and ethics) and get them all thinking, its another to give them the guidebook.

I have spent years debating “dharma” within my head and really like my other debates (e.g. should we eat meat?), the jury is still out there. Tomes are written on this topic, most notable being Gurucharan Das’ The Difficulty Of Being Good (The subtle art of Dharma).

How do you distil all of this into the brain of a 10 year old – and more so, how do you teach a kid to meditate on Dharma?

On a related note, do ponder, as social human beings, how much of what we do every day, is reductionist and hence banal?

Till then I will work out if I can start a lecture series on the shortcut to Nirvana. That should be doable as well Smile, Nirvana in 21 sessions Smilein the recess of your comforter,  hows that for a start?

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