Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2089 : Parenting as a blood soaked ideology

Maybe it just me, and maybe its just the terrible circles I inhabit – but do you ever notice that modern day parents have become like maggot infested warriors.

Each parent wants to make sure that the other one bows down to “her/his” methods as being the most evolved. Do I do that? Yes, if you consider this blog as a thrust it down. I do share a lot of my thoughts on parenting here. Will I have an ideological conversation with you, if I ever meet you?

Rarely if ever. I don’t want to talk what you don’t want to talk.

And yet – I get someone accosting me at my workplace and violently telling me why my thoughts on schools is so very wrong. I admit, it could very well be. It could equally very well be that there is indeed God sitting up there who is a retributive and “suck it upto me” kind of self-indulgent being.

I do have opinions, and I do share them on this blog. I hope to convert no one. I write it as a memoir of my journey, a passage through the war strife….I dont write it as a Seth Godin sales pitch.

Irrespective of my blog – my choice of a school or a parenting style is not a sales pitch, its a carefully thought out choice, which I hope and believe will work for my kid. She is at the center of the experiment… Not me, and NEVER you.

The God up there, really does not exist for me – and hence I don’t want to be drawn into a debate on my style, unless you really want to have it. Debates are great you learn a lot from them, but then we cannot “commit” to a stand before we enter the pulpit, that defeats the whole idea of  a conversation Smile

I sometimes wish, that folks just took a deep breath and sighed Smile

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