Saturday, October 12, 2013

2083 : The Dog Ma of our world

Picture this.

I was in the complex when I heard this kid scream "Shut up" and a very sopho Mom from behind, telling him in the peaceful language of Sri Sri (you know the drone right!!), "Shut up is never a way out, you need to find another way of resolving this".

The son still argued, but the Sri^2 continued to give him the same reassuring advice.

It did make me wonder - and this is not the first time its occured to me - how easy it is to be these gyan serving Sri^2 (not just at home, but as a manager at work, or as a teacher at school, or a cry shoulder at the coffee shop) - when in  reality when we are just as broken, if not more than our children or the people who work with us.

Do we believe this Sri^2 mom was really an embodiment of Buddha, who managed to find peace in this intrinsically violence ridden world? I will not be surprised if she screams "shut up" or its equivalent at least 4 times a day to her maid, her co-workers and her husband, and maybe her son too :-), but she still gives him this utopian bullshit.

I cuss and scream, and am teaching my daughter to cuss with deftness; I lie to survive, and am teaching her to lie; I do want to do the right dharma, but often choose the easy schmooze out, and I tell her thats perfectly fine ; and at times I am really violent (lets say on the rare days I eat fish), and I teach her that violence is part of our lives.

Is my child going to be curled up and crumpled in my own imperfections. Maybe yes, but I definitely know and accept that the Buddha nature is nothing but an ideal for me in this damned birth. I want her to know that her father was a very broken who never identified with the likes of Sri^2, and though he admired Buddha, he knew that no matter how long you give a monkey access to your typewriter, he can never ever churn out Othello.

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Hailshapes said...

Little monkey fuck, I completely disagree with you!!

(May be not really, may be not completely, may be a little, may be just following your instructions!)