Wednesday, October 09, 2013

2082 : The mirror in the windscreen

As I drive, a city like Bombay offers me a lot of time to meditate and focus on the other cars. Its fascinating to watch cars which have two people in the front seat, either a couple or sometimes a kid and his parent.....

In Bombay, you shall be hard pressed to see either the couple or the family, laughing and talking. More often than not, its two glum faced individuals staring glumly into the white space. Their faces have an expression of dryness and a paucity of happiness.

Its very rare, and a welcome relief, when you see the couple smiling, laughing, canoodling....

Like yesterday, I saw this mother and her teen son (I presume) laughing and cracking up heartily, through a 30 minute jam stretch. Now thats something I would want my life to eventually turn out to be :-)

Look out for this, and you might just confirm what I have come to believe - this city is most definitely, slowly wilting and dying :-(

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