Friday, September 13, 2013

2077 : Another poster child

I had another long conversation with someone about the importance of choosing the right school.

This person was telling me that he "wants his son to be tough and have the ability to inure competition" and hence a regular school is the best.

Look, if you want your son to be this maggot infested junkie who works as a clerk at the bank(no disrespect at all to that job, my dad was a clerk....its just illustrative of what is an industrial dumbed down job), and has road rage, and whistles at PYTs....of course make him tough. I suggest make him tougher, send him to Gold Gym as well....with a set of rage induced adrenaline junkies who pump iron and say "duh" when they have a "question mark".

Absolutely, you have made the right choice, if this is the reality you choose.

On the other hand, if you want your child to be a good beautiful human, the kind of PYT who gets whistled at - then I suggest you choose the Valley School, the TISB, the alternatives.

Give your child a real CHOICE. Allow her to live life as if it were her life, and not some mucked phooked school run by a weird control freak of a principal.....get the drift.....?

The extra money this will cost shall be the best thing you shall ever give your kid. He does not need you to bank roll a Stanford (though that shall also help) - just make him a lively young adult - the rest he shall figure out for himself.

Give him the gift of his CHILDHOOD.

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