Friday, September 13, 2013

2076 : Let her make the choice

Bullshit !!

Let me explain that.

Its truly a ball of jack bunny phucking shit, when some parent tells you "my daughter is a US citizen, we have now got her to Mumbai...let her decide when she is old enough whether she wants to go back" or when folks say "my daughter does not speak Hindi. Let her grow up and decide if she wants to speak Hindi." or better still folks say "I dont eat chilli and garlic, and neither does she....let her grow up and decide if she wants to".

My point - just stop mucking around. Buddy, you have already made the choice for her, and dont cloak it under the illusion that she can always revoke your choice.

We live by our choices, and our choices are our children's choices. They dont have a different choice.

These the same nut cracking parents, who shall oppose the boyfriend she eventually chooses, because "he looks like a hippie".....well she CHOSE a hippie, respect her choice.

Choice, as they ball and nut parents put it, is not a choice, its a cloak to force feed.

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