Monday, September 02, 2013

2069 : The girl who saw tomorrow

Picture this.

I am waiting at Bangalore airport for a delayed flight (not bloody again!!), and I see this nice smart young girl walk past a few times. I notice her like I notice a 100 other people in this blackberry induced daze....

Probably an hour later, I see her again. This time she is sitting in the bay next to me, with 3 elderly folks (possibly her dad and his brothers...maybe), and this time she looks dead.

I see these three men, try and talk to her, they try and give her a few gulps of the fizzy drink. She is awake, eyes open, she is staring wide eyed, but is totally inert. Not responding to any conversation or voice at all.

And her eyes, I detect tears....

Now from the whole scene it almost looked to me as if, she was in a shock, maybe she just heard of a death of a beloved one, or the loss of a love....something she probably just heard of.

I am intrigued by these 3 men fighting to get her back into mainstream. A lady sitting next to me, goes up and tries to talk to this girl. No reaction. The girl is staring into infinity. No words, no response to visual or tactile stimuli.

At this point, someone calls the airport doc. The docs then debrief summary, looks like there was nothing untoward that she had heard or seen....she had just slipped into this complete inertness suddenly....and she seemed to have temporarily (?) misplaced her memory as well.

They then carry her off in a wheel chair.

Story ends. This has a profound effect on me. How does anyone enter this intert Alzheimer kind of state, without any external trigger?

Could it happen to after....10 years later? If this is not reversible, is this like a early death.

(My guess is the final diagnosis, would have detected a minor stroke or something to this girl, but really the whole story is a little disturbing!!)

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