Sunday, July 28, 2013

2059 : 99 parts of your life

(Continuing from my previous post)

I have completely shunned this connected world of mine. I will do this till I reasonably can. I struggle with the idea of a world - where the whole idea is to fill up time.

I also don't understand the idea of taking a break by going to a movie, or a visit to a mall over the weekend especially.

I don't understand the idea of having a party which has more than 10 people.

I don't understand the idea of having a vacation, where the whole idea is the see a new place, almost to an itinerary.

Here is my idea of a perfect evening. Three piping hot Garlic Nans, alongwith any food you like (lets say Paneer Handi), and two huge bottles of dry red wine. This meal should be treasured for over 5 hours and could include loved and dear ones. This is what I want to do for my birthday party. In essence do nothing. Let Floyd play their Diamond Shining bit in the background. Perfect.

I don't need no vacations, I don't need no movies :-)

Aha....maybe its really the idyllic fool in me kicking in :-)

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