Sunday, June 30, 2013

2044 : Little birdie shall fly away

Raavan, who escaped from Lanka, has been with me for less than the 3 years, I believe. He comes with 10 heads, and hence has multiple intelligences (what a bunch of crap!!).

As a friend, and someone more akin to the Indian landscape, I have been sharing with him details on cuisines, cars, calories and the ilk.

Steadily over the past few days, I can see his ability to speak about these is getting better and better, to a point, where in the case of cars, he has now reached a tipping point, where he knows a bit more than I do.

Today we were driving, and in the rear view mirror we saw a White Skoda. I said “Superb” and he said “Laura”. We argued about it for a few moments…but guess who won, when the car actually passed us.

Believe me, it was difficult for both of us to steal a glance in our rear view and get it right at 50kmph…but he got it right in style.

I guess having 10 heads and spider eyes helps.


Very little to distinguish between the two from the front grill, but both Raavan and I pride ourselves that we can get it right almost always. Of course, he only does it better Smile. Try it for yourselves.


The above two are images of a Laura.

The next two are that of a Superb.


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