Friday, June 21, 2013

2038 : Clutter & Cookie Cutter

Enough has been said about modern societies obsession with Twitter, Facebook and the phone. Arguments exist on both sides. The ones for it, believe it makes the world a flatter place - something I could not disagree with at all.

The folks against it, believe is causes all kinds of attention disorders and social disruptions (like the inability to hold a face to face long enough).

I am probably a strange character in the middle. I do use a phone. I do use a lot of SMS. I still use my 17 year old email account (Hotmail :-)). I did try using Facebook and Twitter, both were bizarre for my tastes.


Look I am no technophobe. This post is being typed on a Chromebook (so I am an early adopter!!). Neither am I an apocalypse guru.


But...I have been steadily decluttering. I check my phones when it rings. If I am with someone I love or at work, I usually take the call later. I reply to SMS offline. I check my personal mail once a day and reply every night.

Some would say I am stuck in the 1990s. Maybe I am. But I need a decluttered mind to be creative/innovative.

Incessant meetings combined with incessant distractions dont help my mind focus at all.


I respond to every single office mail and email, and SMS - esp if it is addressed to me. I might respond 4 days late, but I shall reply with an apology.

I find it completely irritating that folks now-a-days dont consider a 1-1 SMS, or email sacrosanct enough.

Get the drift of this rant?

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