Friday, June 21, 2013

2036 : Match box world, how about a little tinder?

As I have been walking across Parle quite a few times in the past few days....I have been seeing this lady who is most definitively poor and probably destitute.

Picture this.

She is old, probably in the 60s. She is very featherweight with a deep hunch on her shoulders. She walks around the place slowly in tattered clothes, unsure of herself and the world around her. She always has about 7-9 polythene (plastic) bags with her, in which she carries assorted stuff. Some of them seem to have clothes, a few of them have old coconuts, and some of them even have rotting coriander leaves.

I have seen her in the past week, and she is always in the same dress - an old dark grey saree and blouse worn Gujarati style.

The more I think, I feel she is carrying her entire world around with her - just like Michael K.

Being Michael K in a book is poetic, in real life I cant even imagine how it shall be.

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