Monday, June 17, 2013

2030 : Small is beautiful

Its taken me sometime to understand this about myself....but over the past few months, days I have steadily come to conclude that "Industrial" or "Commercial" is a cuss word in my scheme of things.

Let me explain.

I have always hated buffets. Now I can clearly attribute it to the industrial nature of the food. Even in weddings I like sit downs versus buffets.

I have always hated commercial or industrially produced processed food. I rather prefer street or home made food.

I have always hated huge institutions  which make our children (and adults) into conformists. I have only a bad sour taste for schools which are mass conformist factories. Any school that lacks a philosophical basis, should be looked at with suspicion.

I have always hated mass housing. I live in an apartment complex, but I like non-straight lines in it, less glass, more brick is always welcome.

I work in an industry where after a point people become just a statistic. I have always fought that both as an executor, and as a person who is part of the system.

Get the drift?

Its difficult living in the commercial capital of country and hoping for more humane conditions, but I shall fight. Thats the only way I shall keep my head above water. 

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