Saturday, June 15, 2013

2026 : On incomplete closures

I have always maintained that a job like any other engagement in life - is an important component of your life. You commit about 60% of your time every year to this engagement, it better be good and fair and enjoyable.

I have also learned that at work, we dont do enough to thank, clarify and sustain - and I mean all three of them independently. We often assume since all of us get paid - the emotional connect is not a per requisite.

I think thats plain baloney. With every person I have worked in the past 10 odd years, I have ensured that they have understood how important they were to my well being, success and happiness.

Unfortunately in a few aberrations, I felt the closure was not available. It leaves me in a slightly uncomfortable state. For me the closure and they continuity is more important than all the wealth and power that a position offers......and sometimes when folks take that away from you....its a bit like taking the dignity away from that transaction.

I have learnt through these experiences how to ensure that dignity is never missing in any transaction at work.

Someday I hope to close these open ends out.

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