Wednesday, May 01, 2013

2006 : The fun of being (a)live

Being alive is an one act play.

I wont explain that too much, but I recently saw a live act of a small obscure artist, and came out jawdroppingly impressed and charred for life Smile. I think I shall remember that performance for many years to come.

Now can you imagine, sitting through the 1986 Grammy and listening to Sting singing Russians live and full throttled, with the single orchestra harmony on Guitar…..I love just listening to that song, if you had been part of that audience, how integral would that song be to part of your life.

Or listening to Dave Matthews Band play #41, their iconic song, live on 1996 New Years’s eve with Jeff Coffin and Bela Fleck. I get goose bumps, even today when I listen to a version of the song – and I have heard that song at least 300 times. Its close to 25 minutes of utter jazz manna.

Being (a)live in a context does make a real difference to your own fabric of consciousness !!

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