Wednesday, May 01, 2013

2005 : The Bing Ad Network

I am one of those oddities, who thinks and uses Microsoft even today. Like this blog post is coming out a legal copy of the Microsoft Writer.

That said the Ad Server Network on Bing is hilarious. To set the context, because I use outlook, I am forced to watch Bing ads.

Picture this.

I click a Car rental confirmation email, I would have expected Google Ads to show to Avis or Hertz or Uber. What I get instead is a whole range of ads on “Dental care” and “DIY Teeth Whitening”.

Maybe it picked that mail wrong.

I click on a mail from my daughter’s school. What do I get “Safco products Bamboo Wall Magazine Rack”.

Something is completely rotten in their contextual engine.

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1 comment:

SSV said...

Do you have a daughter? or is it "the one" you keep talking about on the blog?