Saturday, April 27, 2013

2000 : Its always good to survive a battle,,,you then have a tale to tell

This blog started out for me as a personal memoir....a way of telling my daughter that her papa was human, fallible and yet, really tried hard to be a good man.

6 years ago, this was just a whim. Today its a part of me, its an identity. I love the fact that though its very personal, it does invoke very strong reactions, and has given me some good friends.

Do reach out to me, and keep the conversation going...its a great adrenaline rush to see a mail in your box, which says "little monkey fuck, I completely disagree with you!!" or something to that effect...... Seems like my battles interest more folks than just my daughter.

Thank you Uncle Universe.

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1 comment:

Vishius said...

Been reading this blog for a while now and sometimes I like your ramblings .. other times I don't understand anything ... nevertheless ... keep them coming.