Saturday, April 27, 2013

1999 : The fallacy of being smart(er)

No where is hubris more apparent than in a corporate jungle. You walk around, and do realise that some folks believe (from their heart), that they are much smarter, because they have the seat, or they have the context.

Give or take a few exceptions, this is universally untrue. As we start comparing within a dense band in the corporate jungle (the layers at the top are usually always dense) its very imperative to remember (and perceive  that the intellect gaps almost disappear....which means the top five levels of the organization are all similar in would the mid pack....and so would the bottom pack.

Being smarter is a function of context, and to a certain degree opportunity  Take the context away, and you have a nincompoop.

It always is an eyesore to see a person strut and dole out if he/she partook of the special ocean water.....thats so never true.

The faster we remind ourselves of it, the more grounded we shall be.

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