Friday, April 19, 2013

1990 : On your going away

In retrospect, everytime I have completely stepped away from a problem, I have usually seen the edge of the knife glimmering….the real underlying force shine right through.

Its not something unobvious, but stepping away seems to clear up my mind no end, and it allows my rational brain to kick in with some really insightful solutions.

I can think of so many examples in my life – like quitting a draggy job, or moving to a new city, or moving away from your parents….in all examples…a few months later, the situation has become better for all involved….only because all involved brains began their recourse (in earnest) to reclaim their own lives.

And then….

When I look at real life….I realise that its just not designed for that level of reprieve. How many times does your manager tell you during a performance review “Amit you are terrible at sales, why don’t you just drop everything for a month, and we shall pick up the threads again”….instead he rattles out 101 Kottler, and then pushes you harder into the open mouth of the dragon….so close that the fire breather now hurts.

Or for that matter, how many times do a couple, say….maybe we are really breathing down each other’s neck, lets take a break (from each other) for a month, and then lets start all over again….never.

….conventional warfare is always ….if you are in the belly of fire, stay there and fight……versus wisdom says….when you see a fire….just walk away…let the fire burn its own soul up….you can come back and reclaim the living.

Wonder where and why we got so knotted up?

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1 comment:

SSV said...

Wow! Just at the time I needed it. Another piece of wisdom, here it goes.