Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1985 : We didn’t start the fire

We all experience it every now and then. You know what I am referring to.....? Picture this. You are driving on a 3 lane road, and you are on the middle lane trying to overtake the one on your left. The car ahead is backing up. You know if you slam all your horses, you can dive and just manage to make it, but its going to be close....very close. On most days, your sane mind should tell you that being slower is wiser and to wait for the next overtaking opportunity....but someday in the bowl of the madness, your mind says, go for it....whats life but a risk? You floor the pedal....

Get the drift.

Or the one occasion, when rage takes over, and you tell your wife and best friend, things that are designed to hurt her.....and worse still, in that moment, you don’t really care. The fire of rage is burning, and its now turning out to be a forest fire.

What makes us all do it? I don’t know, but I do know that my anger and rage can also be channelized to achieve something otherwise overtaking in a tight spot.....or writing beautiful poetry.....

Should we fight the fire or fuel it ?

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