Monday, April 15, 2013

1983 : The Supper

I spent an evening last week with someone, whom I admire a lot. I have respect for him, and almost believe he is like a friend and father figure.

What was also special, it was his birthday.  It was he who reached out and set it up.

He is much more powerful (much much more) and much more wealthier than I am…and yet it was small 1-1 affair. We went to this small (non ZAGAT rated) tiny shack which sells south asian food. Coincidentally, its a place  I had eaten before and I kind of liked it.

We ate a simple meal, chatted boisterously like two friends do. Laughed a lot, and when the time was up….we hugged and parted.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it will be meal I might remember for some time.

I do miss catching up with my friends Smile, yes terribly miss Sad smile

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