Sunday, March 31, 2013

1982 : The radio killed the singer

I have been listening to radio all day yesterday, since I was driving a car, which did not have my personalized audio collection. I drove all 100kms yesterday in Bangalore traffic and hence thats a lot of radio time.

While listening to 94.3, could not but marvel at how shamelessly the folks are plugging a lady called Akriti Kakkar.

Now there is nothing wrong with plugging per se, but really you have to hear the samples they play. Her voice is digitally enhanced, so that it is sounds as if she were trying to create "layers" and "depth" in her voice....unfortunately the effect is totally hilarious or disastrous, depends on your point of view :-)

I was hearing some bhajan/folk song yesterday and it most definitely sounded like a cross between "shreya ghosal" singing a sensuous song from Jism, but the lyrics sounded full of bhakti.

And my brain was constantly going argghhh argghhh.....

One question lady, why? One advice, fire your sound engineer and take some good lessons in diction. Plug, yes, eventually all of us need a good plug.

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1 comment:

lost soul said...

Have you heard Madari - Coke Studio.... She is just fabulous in that...!/p/song/hindi/Coke+Studio+India+Season+2+-+Episode+1/Madari/E18qRiNpflQ