Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1979 : Don’t Think and Drive

Maybe I have an OCD…..but everyday as I drive, I ensure I learn the roads better and better….so much so, that through roads I drive regularly, I always know which lane will move the fastest….which lanes have potholes, which lanes have lesser street lights.

It comes very naturally to me Smile

So much so, that I sometimes can drive through new roads and yet predict,  based on some “thin slicing” that a particular lane is going to be more efficient than others.

…and I do this incessantly, even while I am with wife and family….not just about lanes, like I always like to observe how the car ahead is using so much more brake than I am…or how a particular car in traffic has its wheels mis-aligned(seriously….these blurs just hit me!!)

And then…on the few days, I do get driven around, either in a cab or a car pool….I am so focused on the person’s driving style and etiquette, that it is almost a distraction….it equally fascinates me, that the “driver” is just not being efficient around some of these dynamics….especially cabbies and chauffeurs surprise me with their (more often than not) lack of interest in learning this “market knowledge”.

And then I wonder, am I just weird Smile

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