Monday, February 18, 2013

1974 : The web of beeing

The bee buzzed around, flitting from flower to fauna, and then quite suddenly, it found it had hit a wall, where it thought none had existed.

A spatial dilemma…..a spider’s web.

Not too big, not too small…yet enough to stop one in its tracks. Enough to halt the march of the carrier of honey.

As it grappled with the visual disconnect, its realised that the world was quite surreally and completely closing on it, and for a few moments, it stopped buzzing.

Stationary and still, stuck in a point within 3 dimensional vectors. The clock waits…to allow space time to freeze.

And then…it begins its rapid incessant flapping. A mad buzzing that is shaking the whole web…making the duo of spiders tremble, their whole world quaking….in fear and violence.

The buzz gathers its own crescendo…..and soon there is resonance….there is a tiny tear in the web, and another, and as the silk tears, shards stick to the wings of the bee.

The spiders are spellbound, unable to comprehend the fightback, unable to believe this could be real.

Soon enough the web snaps.

The spiders fall off the web onto the parapet. The bee, falls down, tired, broken flaps and covered in tiny splinters of the web. Its unable to move, and soon enough it shall die, either of exhaustion and heat….or if the spiders are brave enough to walk the walk.

And yet….

There is duo of scared spiders and yet… there is something heroic here. The war is lost and yet…there is something instructional here. There is an imminent death…and yet there is something alive here. There is a whimper, sigh and gasp here….and yet….there is the last eternal hurrah!!

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