Sunday, February 03, 2013

1962 : Homeopathy

Speaking of scientific quacks (continuing from my previous post), Homeopathy is another fascinating topic.

I can speak with a fair amount of accuracy, I have not only read Hahnemann’s treatise from the 1830s, but I have also been reading a lot of recent papers and research.


Well some of my close friends, mentors and my own wife believes in this.

The more I read, the more I am convinced that this is plain and simple quackery. Scientifically there is so much bull here, that it almost begins to look like a large organized scam. Read Memory of Water, if you must.

And yet believers say, it works.

I am sure it does. And I dont mean it sarcastically at all. It most definitely works.

But so does, Lord Guruvayoor, Lord Tirupati Balaji, Govt of India, Salman Khan’s Tiger formula, Placebos and the ilk…….

Get the drift.

All things work. Question is, do we understand, why they work? And how do we rationalise it?

My only argument with Homeopathy, it does not work because it is scientific and rational. There are other aspects at play here. And in a tribute to modern society and its RIGOROUS spirit of enquiry, looks like we are more pleased with the end than with the journey.

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading ur blog for a while. Do not always agree with the content, but definitely love the style. Hope u do plan to write a book at some point :-) All the best.