Saturday, February 02, 2013

1957 : In the land of the fertile

I live in an extremely gravid and generative lands. We have such an abundance of fruits, that we might need to rename ourselves as banana republic.

Oh BTW, did you read the TOI headlines today?

It says that “Govt moots death penalty for the culprit, in cases where the rape victim either dies or is permanently maimed.”

Even a 4 year old can see how fair we are as a society. If you take an eye, then we make you lose an eye. But if you just try and knife someone’s eye (and fail), we think you can go through our “corrective facilities”, so that life offers a second chance (to knife another eye again, and hopefully succeed!!). Wah Wah.

Arrey, to make it fairer, here is my utopian idea. Dance bars in the country have been closed down. So many poor bouncers (big burly alpha males!!) without work. Lets round these folks up, and create an army of sodomizers….only this time, they work for the govt. Every person culpable rapist is handed over to these professional sodomizers, who carefully rape them, MAKING SURE that this neither kills them nor permanently maims them.

And for the media who always loves to be part of this bipartisan justice, here is my million dollar (quite literally) idea. Create a reality channel called RapSody, which plays these bouncer-turned-sod-dispensing-justice-to-rapists, live and screaming.

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