Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1952 : Eggciting

Here is what you do.

Take a big fat slice of bread, I mean gourmet of course, and not the industrial ones please.

If you are the one who like some grease (nothing wrong with that at all!!), rub some butter or olive oil on the top side.

Keep it in a pre-heated OTG for about 60 seconds, the bread does not toast yet, but the butter simmers.

Remove and break clean an egg on the top side. As quickly (and carefully) as you can – so as not to spill the liquid egg, put it back into the OTG.

If you like salt and pepper, remove the tray after another 60 seconds, by now the egg is viscous, sprinkle whatever you have to.

Back it goes into the OTG for another 2-3 mins…..and voila, this is one of my most satisfying ways of eating egg. The bread is crusty and toasted, the egg as always sunny side up, but reasonably well done.

Its fun, its appetizing and really simple.

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1 comment:

Prashant said...

This is good. Lets try this tomorrow.